03 April, 2013

It's been a long time between updates.

A Rebours is still on hiatus. It hurts my soul a little bit that I don't have the opportunity to do more with it at this point. But good things are happening for me right now and hopefully that means this year I can start making progress again.

In the meanwhile, I've been putting a big focus on my art career, over at Moulin Diesel. Seems like it's growing as a business as far as the design aspect goes, and I've been painting a lot which has been feeding my spirit as well. I was an artist before I was a musician, and I've really missed doing it!

You can look at my portfolio on Behance, and my DeviantArt profile as well as Moulin Diesel (you can even Like that on Facebook!).

Also, Ryan's other band, Echo & Drake, has been doing very well. I'm supremely happy that he's been doing so great and I hope that once I get to a point where I can start work on the album again I can talk him into playing on it!



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